Pool + Bar Perspective
Pool + Bar Perspective

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Detailed Bar Perspective
Detailed Bar Perspective

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Pool + Bar Perspective
Pool + Bar Perspective

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Indoor Pool

Client Brief
  • A space that caters for healing and relaxing 

  • Indoor swimming pool

  • Areas for relaxation 

  • Custom pool bar

  • Natural materiality 

  • Bold features

  • Breaking internal walls to create an open space

  • Utilise city views 

  • Sculptural/curvaceous layout 

The Mnemosyne is a new  project in a high-rise building that consists of luxurious serviced apartments. The client required a social hub for the wellness and healing of its residents to be designed on the 28th floor. The public realm also needs to serve as a central common area, that takes residents out of their private areas, to converse and form connections with others within the building. In keeping with the aims of the refurbishment, a swimming pool would provide a place of true relaxation, healing and pure harmony. 


A sophisticated, luxurious lift lobby provides the first impression entering the social hub, communicating the intention of the overall character of the building. The design of the lift lobby focuses on this concept through signature brass detailing paired with dark  tones of calacatta black marble and chocolate brown timber panelling. The main feature of the space is the abstract ceiling where sheets of curved brass scatter throughout, providing direction and a playful experience for such a simple space. The brass features are supported with a tinted mirrored glass, to help extend the duration of light and alleviate the confinement within the space. The bold dark tones are fused with white plastered walls and light travertine floors which allow light to reflect off surfaces. Brass detailing within the textured plaster walls add a sense of timeless character to the space. 


The swimming pool is situated on the outskirts of the interior, curving around the north and south end of the building. Extending the pool to the very limits of the area gives visitors the sensation of swimming right to the edge with no limits or boundaries. The custom glass windows allow control of exposure to the outdoors since these can easily be spun open or closed. Within the pool, bench seats sit between columns providing a resting bay within the water allowing people to sit and enjoy the spectacular city views. Surrounding the water, an island of concrete flooring allows for people to sit by the pool and relax. 


Within the centre of the space, a pool bar is framed with a stunning brass ribbon that runs throughout columns that support a lowered ceiling. This ribbon effect is also featured within the ceiling of the overall space, replicating the layout of the pool through bold brass strips. The organic nature of the pool is echoed within the layout of the bar, in the bench seating and sunk-in wall joinery. Natural materials are utilised within the bar to further accentuate the organic and relaxing tones of the space. White and grey calacatta bench tops, warm wooden tones, sandstone features and a green wall are fused into the overall design of the space. 

"A Space of
Luxury and Relaxation"
Client Brief

Commercial Social Hub Proposal




Edgecliff, Sydney

  • AutoCAD

  • 3ds Max

  • Photoshop

  • V-Ray

Concept Sketches 

Design of Lift area in Lift Lobby

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 12.28.01 pm.pn

Concept of wall and pool edge detailing inside pool area

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 12.27.46 pm.pn

Idea behind deatiling of walls in Lift Lobby

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 12.28.20 pm.pn

Design of bench seat and columns surrounding pool

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 12.28.12 pm.pn

Custom window concept

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 12.28.31 pm.pn

Sketch of Bar Design


Deep Blue Pool Water

Polised Concrete floors by Honestone

Antique Bronze by Aemetal

Hollywood timber veneer by New Age Veener

Gascoigne Cream Limestone Floor Tile CDK Stone

Calcatta Oro natural marble stone by CDK Stone

Frosted ribbed glass supplied by Sunline Glass

Nero Marquina natural marble stone by CDK Stone

Lodge organic wall cladding by Artisan Stone


Floor Plan
BRIEF 3.001.png

Lift Lobby





Level 28
FF&E Boards
Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 10.27.56 am.pn