Client Brief
  • Retain existing footprint of exterior, however happy to re-work interior layout 

  • Open plan living and dining

  • Costal/tribal styling 

  • A warm, natural, textured colour palette 

  • Australian sourced fixtures, fittings and furnishings 

  • All materials to be sustainable 

  • Have a private space for meditation and relaxing

Working with an exisiting footprint, the newly bought home of Mr and Mrs Finlay was briefed to re-design and re-furbish the residence to ensure the design spoke as there own space. As a family of five, this home was bought to be a forever home. The family are young and active, enjoying the simple things in life. They love living a relaxed life close to the coast, all having a passion to surf and live in the salt water. 


Located in the centre of the Northern Beaches, this Narrabeen home sits in between a busy main road and an iconic beach to the area. Within the rectangular space; four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a rumpus room, an open plan for the public spaces of the home and an outdoor terrace are all areas that make up the two levelled home. All areas need to consider the lifestyle of the family home, which is best reflected through a raw, coastal styling. The usual design path taken for most costal homes was avoided for this project, as the space had to be something unique and new to the many homes that lie along the beach and main road.


Unlike most coastal homes, the overall feel and design of the space should give a sense of rawness and tribal living. The materiality reflects this philosophy through a natural, textured and warm palette. Dulux cream walls paired with natural oak flooring scatter throughout the space. Colour is introduced, using subway rugged tiles as a splash back and warm rich dulux colours as feature walls. All joinery utilise textured wood laminates, ranging between both light and warmer wood tones. Texture is most prominent in the choices of concrete and timber bench tops found within the kitchen and bathroom. A richer materiality palette of darker and warmer tones has been embodied into the bathrooms. Red terracotta tiles are contrasted with charcoal tiles, were black and gold fixtures are further used to embody a rich palette to the space. 


The choices of furniture, fixtures and fittings all were sourced to ensure they best fit a coastal raw palette. Majority of furniture chosen varied between cream or light coloured upholstery or brown leather. All rugs and cushions introduced colour, detail and a sense of texture to the space. The choices varied from warm orange or red tones, bohemian patterned soft furnishings and even incorporating the popular raw jute rug found in prominent coastal homes. Other elements such as iron pots, feather headdresses, leather pouffes and woven straw pendants were chosen purposely  to further accentuate a tribal feel to the space. 

"The Tribal Space"
Client Brief






Narrabeen, Sydney

  • Excel

  • Photoshop

  • Indesign

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Floor Plans
Ground Floor
First Floor
Materials Board
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